One of the great benefits of a safari designed and created especially for you is that you get to choose both destinations and lodging. We offer a wonderful range of opportunities for the safari as a whole and for each night's accommodations.

In a city, anywhere in the world, you can stay at the Ritz adjacent to the central park or lesser hotels in the less affluent parts of town. In East Africa you can stay at marvelously upscale lodges or in tented camps. The difference between these accommodations and the city is that even in a tented camp you are remote and surrounded by the sights and sounds of the African wilderness. There are no bad choices to be made.

Many safaris are planned with a mix of lodge types; the tented camps with their sense of adventure, mixed with the old hunting camps of the 19th century great white hunters, and the 21st century accommodations that combine the best vistas in Africa with the elegance and opulence of a special vacation.

The upscale lodges are exquisite. They have elegant dining opportunities, spas, and staff trained to cater to your every need. These kinds of accommodations are more expensive than the tented camps or game lodges but they are certainly worth the price of admission. The images of Bilila are typical of these grand places. Each park has similar opportunities.

The old hunting camps make for a wonderful stay. One of my favorites is Ndutu in the southern part of the Serengeti. This is the site of George Dove's camp and has been turned into a homey and comfortable lodge. Whether you are watching zebra and elephant in front of your room or the lovebirds at the bird bath the acacias and vistas always remind you that you are in the heart of Africa.

Then there are always the specialty camps. You can have a mobile camp set up for you each night away from the lodges and roads. The stars burn in the sky and the night sounds will make you tingle with excitement. There are camps where the lodging units are elevated in trees - one of the nicest is the Treetops Lodge in Tarangire National Park. Here you walk to your lodging (usually out of site from other rooms) and climb a set of stair into a huge baobab tree to your stunning room, bathroom, and large deck. It is a wonderful experience to sit above the acacias and gaze out over hundreds of square miles of African countryside.

No matter what sort of lodging you choose for your safari we will deliver a wonderful experience - designed especially for your desires and needs.