We’ve just teamed up with Capture Africa Tours to provide the best safari experience possible. These safaris are complete with wildlife viewing and photographic opportunities and carefully planned ground operations in well-accommodated settings. This includes the highest standards of meal preparation! The tours are guided by locals with all the information you want to know about the area’s wildlife. You will also get professional photography assistance an wildlife expertise as the tour leaders Joseph Ndunguru and Dick Berry will switch between the different vehicles to help you absorb as much as possible.

Dick Berry is a professional photographer who’s dream was to show Africa to as many people as possible by starting Capture Africa Tours. He enjoys meeting travelers and educating them on each trip while providing photography instruction.

Joseph Ndunguru is a Tanzania native and has been observing and studying wildlife for over 30 years. He has guided safaris for top organizations and people like Bill Gates, Joe Montana and Denzel Washington. His knowledge and experience has even gained him recognition in Conde Nast Travel and Travel and Leisure Magazines as one of the World’s Best 10 Guides. Shaun Taylor is on board as well!

Join Nasera and CAT for the ultimate safari experience!