An unforgettable experience!

After an enthusiastic group from Pasadena Audubon returned from their Tanzanian trip with Nasera Safaris, we began planning our adventure. We worked with Joseph and his son Godfrid for 15 months before our trip, but it was worth the wait. We wanted to see all manner of African animals — both mammals and birds. We really appreciated our driver, Abu, who was very knowledgeable about birds and where to find them, and had incredible eyes for spotting all animals. They teamed him with Joseph, the Nasera Safaris founder, who has many years of experience conducting tours and making new friends. The combination was spectacular. Not only did we have a “bucket list” experience, but we identified at least 150 species of birds in addition to the major mammals, large and small. Not only that, each day was an adventure that involved a number of African stories told by Joseph and a barrel of laughter. Joseph continually amazed us with the number of people he knows in the country. He was always greeting old friends and making new ones — and we are delighted to have left the country feeling like we have new friends and family back in Tanzania. We will welcome them to our home in the US anytime they can visit.

When we were met at the airport by Godfrid and Abu, we knew right off that the trip would be a success. Godfrid has an open and friendly personality like his father, and he does a masterful job of planning trips and making sure all of the tiniest of details are taken care of — whether in advance or even during the trip. They are a fantastic team who clearly love and respect each other and are in constant touch via cellphone. By the way, yes, it’s scary wiring thousands of dollars to a bank account in Tanzania.

Would we go again with Nasera African Safaris? Absolutely yes!

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