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Photography, big game, the great migration can all be part of your African safari. Let us show you the wildlife of Tanzania - the world's best safari destination. Nasera Safaris is a Tanzanian company run by the very well known and highly experienced Joseph Ndunguru. Joseph (worked for many years for the Tanzanian National Parks and later was a guide and courier for Abercrombie & Kent.) Joseph has recently started his own safari company with the intention of providing special experiences to clients who want to organize and arrange their own outing. The usual safari is into the Serengeti in northern Tanzania. However there are options to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, dive into the huge reserves in southern Tanzania, or visit the mountains where the great apes live (Uganda and Rwanda). You decode, you set the parameters, and we will develop a wonderful experience for your group.

We will be happy to discuss your interests and goals as you think about the safari. We will make suggestions and offer ideas that will help you make the most of this trip of a lifetime.

Joseph has led thousands of visitors through Tanzanian parks and wilderness areas. His easy style and intimate relationships with lodge mangers make him the ideal traveling companion when it comes to logistics. His lifetime of observing wildlife and teaching visitors make him equally adept as a mentor, friend, and companion.

There are many ways to choose, plan, and arrange your safari. Africa is large and complex. There are many people and places to see and visit. The mammal and bird life is stunningly diverse and captivating. A two-week period will allow for at least eleven nights out on safari. This is long enough to see the major features of the great Serengeti plains of northern Tanzania.

Lodging can be in tented camps (quite royal actually), in smallish camps like Ndutu pictured here, in larger hotel-like facilities with all the trappings that you are used to or in elegant upscale facilities with gourmet food and very private tree-house rooms. It is also possible to have a totally remote safari with your own tented camp moved each day from one remote spot to another. Of course camp staff, hot showers, good beds, excellent food, and South African wines accompany you throughout.

The locations are also varied and variable. Many of the parks, including the Serengeti, in northern Tanzania are best in January, February, and March when the great numbers of wildebeest and zebra have arrived. There are parts of the Serengeti to the west that see the animals as they begin to migrate back to the west and then north toward Kenya and its Maasai Mara where they will be in July, August, and September. The highest costs are coincidental with the greatest number of animals. But, there are always animals of all sorts in all the places throughout the year - the density varies greatly however.

In the Serengeti the rains begin in November or December and carry on through April. This greens up the grass, attracting the migration, and cannot be avoided. It rarely rains heavily and almost never rains all day. But the best animals and the presence of some rain are certain to overlap. Birders can go anytime, but the wettest times make for difficult travel.

So start planning your African Safari today! Contact us to get started on customizing your new adventure in Tanzania.

Nasera Safaris - African Safari • 1 508 896 7322 • declapp@naserasafaris.com josephn@naserasafaris.com

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